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classification and regression trees wadsworth statistics - buy classification and regression trees wadsworth statistics probability on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, amazon com classification and regression trees - a good introduction to classification and regression trees with a variety of examples you need never regress again many will find some of the technical topics difficult but then i found the statistical grounding to be rewarding in the end, decision tree learning wikipedia - decision tree types decision trees used in data mining are of two main types classification tree analysis is when the predicted outcome is the class to which the data belongs regression tree analysis is when the predicted outcome can be considered a real number e g the price of a house or a patient s length of stay in a hospital the term classification and regression tree cart, evaluation of classification and regression tree cart - objective we explore whether a knowledge discovery approach building a classification and regression tree cart prediction model for weight loss wl in head and neck cancer hnc patients treated with radiation therapy rt is feasible, topics in statistical data analysis ubalt edu - binomial application gives probability of exactly successes in n independent trials when probability of success p on single trial is a constant, ordinal logistic regression models application in quality - introduction interest in quality of life has increased in recent years but the theme is still surrounded by controversy there is a persistent lack of clarity and consistency as to its meaning measurement and data analysis, artificial neural networks the multilayer perceptron a - the multilayer perceptron consists of a system of simple interconnected neurons or nodes as illustrated in fig 2 which is a model representing a nonlinear mapping between an input vector and an output vector the nodes are connected by weights and output signals which are a function of the sum of the inputs to the node modified by a simple nonlinear transfer or activation function, parametric tests creative wisdom - when data for anova cannot meet the parametric assumptions one can convert the grouping variables to dummy variables 1 0 and run a robust regression procedure when a researcher tells you that he runs a dummy regression don t think that he is a dummy researcher, ensemble methods for uplift modeling springerlink - machine learning is primarily concerned with the problem of classification where the task is to predict based on a number of attributes the class to which an instance belongs or the conditional probability of it belonging to each of the classes, inadequate management of blood pressure in a hypertensive - many patients with hypertension have inadequate control of their blood pressure improving the treatment of hypertension requires an understanding of the ways in which physicians manage this, the logic of qualitative survey research and its position - volume 11 no 2 art 11 may 2010 the logic of qualitative survey research and its position in the field of social research methods harrie jansen abstract many qualitative studies describe the diversity of certain cognitions or behaviors in a population by means of semi structured interviews with a small sample of population members, machine learning techniques for anti money laundering aml - abstract money laundering has been affecting the global economy for many years large sums of money are laundered every year posing a threat to the global economy and its security