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runner s world training journal a daily dose of - a revised edition of the ultimate week by week training journal for runners of all abilities from the top experts in the sport runner s world training journal by the editors of runner s world provides the perfect framework to help every kind of runner from fitness joggers to competitive racers track a year s worth of runs this updated and revised version includes the latest tips, the competitive runner s handbook the bestselling guide - for both runners entering that first neighborhood race and elite marathoners trainers bob and shelly lynn florence glover s completely revised guide is the book on training to compete, base training for runners the runner s resource - the most important part of training for runners is a build a mileage base here is advice and information about building solid training base, free marathon training plan for beginners and intermediate - 16 weeks marathon training plan for beginner and intermediate runners we will take you through marathon preparation holistically discussing such topics as marathon nutrition race day preparation maintaining a positive mental outlook and more, triathlete training podcast triathlon training advice - triathlete training podcast triathlon training advice and interviews with expert guests for triathletes runners cyclists and all endurance athletes, interval training tips for runners active - assuming that you are in good physical condition and have built a reasonable aerobic base you re comfortable at sustained running for 30 minutes or more on a regular basis interval training can be your best choice for improving fitness developing running economy and getting faster, should runners and cyclists lift weights dr gabe mirkin - competitive endurance athletes usually run or cycle very intensely on one day feel sore on the next day and go easy for that day as they alternate hard and easy workout days adding strength training to an endurance program markedly increases athletes chances of injuring themselves unless they, running writings low ferritin and iron deficiency anemia - hemoglobin is the main building block for red blood cells which carry oxygen from your lungs to your muscles if you don t have enough hemoglobin you can t make enough red blood cells and as a result your distance running performance will suffer