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jailed u s pastor wanted to create a christian kurdish - american pastor andrew brunson worked with members of the kurdistan workers party pkk to establish an independent christian kurdish state in turkey an anonymous witness allegedly told a, the end of apologetics christian witness in a postmodern - the end of apologetics christian witness in a postmodern context myron bradley penner on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the modern apologetic enterprise according to myron penner is no longer valid it tends toward an unbiblical and unchristian form of christian witness and does not have the ability to attest truthfully to christ in our postmodern context, ohio christian alliance home page - ohio christian alliance is an active conservative grassroots organization representing christians in the state of ohio before local councils state legislatures and congress, jehovah s witness organization carm org - the jehovah s witnesses go door to door distribute the watchtower and awake magazines deny the trinity the deity of christ and deny his physical resurrection are they christian or something else find out about their beliefs history as well as a biblical response to their unbiblical teachings introduction, christian church disciples of christ in alabama - the christian church disciples of christ in alabama northwest florida is one of 32 regions of the christian church disciples of christ in the united states and canada, witness synonyms witness antonyms thesaurus com - old english witnes attestation of fact event etc from personal knowledge also one who so testifies originally knowledge wit formed from wit n ness christian use late 14c is as a literal translation of greek martys see martyr witness stand is recorded from 1853, the christian church disciples of christ in georgia - our mission is to be christ s witness in the georgia region growing building and equipping vital faith communities, learning to serve the king western christian high - the mission of western christian high school is to provide god centered secondary education to young men and women using the bible and its principles as the foundation for the total curriculum, christian persecution of the jews traditional - without centuries of christian anti semitism hitler s passionate hatred would never have been so fervently echoed robert runcie 1921 2000 archbishop of canterbury 1980 1991, national baptist convention envisioning the future - about the congress of christian education annual session the congress of christian education offers a wealth of learning opportunities to help individuals grow spiritually and in their work and witness in the world for christ